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Automatic text extraction from photoshop ® files

We have developed a tool – Seschat's Little Helper – for PSD, with which editable text can be located in the image within seconds. This tool not only automatically finds the text, but it can also extract it and write it into a separate XML-based file (XLIFF), which can then be translated. The translator processes the file in his or her usual working environment. We are happy to take over this service for you, during which we will, of course, use modern CAT tools such as Translation Memories and terminology databases. However, you can also translate the file yourself. The translations are subsequently imported automatically to the correct location in the image file, using our tool.

This takes just a few seconds. All that is then required is to make small corrections to the layout, in order to adapt new texts to the flow of the rows, and if necessary, to insert a new line break. We can carry out these corrections for you at any time, but of course it is also possible in this case for you to edit the layout yourself.

This diagram shows our process.



Do you need a glossary?

A glossary can be created at any time, based on the bilingual XLIFF file. This can be used for correction and editorial purposes, and for example, can be sent to a local branch for assessment of the terminology, and later used for reference, or it can represent the foundation stone for your new terminology database.

Advantages for you

You will benefit from planning and costing security in your projects. Thanks to our tool, we can rule out the possibility of overlooking text to be translated in image files, provided they are not yet rendered, and we can prevent additional costs from arising due to duplications.

This will save you time. Your projects can be executed more quickly, because our tool takes over the elaborate process of text extraction and subsequent import.

This will save you money. The use of Translation Memories helps to save a considerable amount of money. With our tool, the time required for text extraction is dramatically reduced, which will pay off for you in terms of cash savings.